We would like to express our thanks to all visitors to our exhibition booth in Nürnberg and hope to see you again in Verona.

Marmo Mac 24

Our goal is to increase the profitability of your production by using our software solutions.

Use staff more efficiently

Material Optimizing

Avoid mistakes

Software Solutions for the production in the stone processing industry

Our company has been developing software suitable for all your stone processing needs for more than 25 years - especially in the production of kitchen worktops.


SeCAD V12 - Newest Release!

SeCAD is our CAD-solution for production orientated solutions. This program looks about the demand of clients in the natural stone industry in particular. With SeCAD kitchen countertops, washstands, stairs as well as all conventional types of workpieces can be drawn.

  • Different versions for various needs
  • Macro Libraries with self-created cutouts and profiles
  • 3D view of realistic material structures, including walls and cabinet elements

View Video Part 1: SeCAD V12 Countertops

View Video Part 2: SeCAD V12 Backwalls

View Video Part 3: SeCAD V12 Windowsill

View Video Part 4: SeCAD V12 Cabinets

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TOP V10 Nesting and Cutting Slabs

TOP is the CAM-solution for bridge saws par excellence.
The easy handling and the fully developed functionality established its high reputation and worldwide application. Only in cooperation with TOP the use of your bridge saw will be as efficient as possible and will lead to an increase in productivity.

  • For Bridgesaws and WaterJet machines with or without Manipulator
  • Integration of additional spindles as Drilling or Milling
  • Automatic loading of slabs
  • Automatic Unloading of remnants and workpieces


View Video Part 5: SeCAD V12 Vein Matching

View Video: Vein Matching Overview

Vein Matching

For 20 years already, TOP has had a module that displays the real material structures of a sawn order. In conjunction with the 3D extension in SeCAD V12, the cut workpieces can be realistically displayed in space.


SeCAM V10 for CNC Machining Centres

SeCAM is an increasingly efficient software, that has been developed for optimal processing of natural stone slabs.
The productivity of milling machines and CNC-machining centers largely depends on the application of an even high-capacity software. Consequently SeCAM is an indispensable factor for productivity gain.

  • Für machining centres and waterjet machines
  • Free definable operation cycles / sequence
  • Very comfortable tool administration
  • Automatic positioning of cups

Slabmanagement & Inventory

SeKON Slabs & Inventory is the little brother of our production control system, which we use to control entire factories. This solution offers complete material, slab and warehouse management.


Complete Solutions

Our main focus are complete production solutions for industrial applications. Our product spectrum ranges from simple drawing programs to the complex control of high-bay warehouses.