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In-House Exhibition

Burkhardt / Löffler

Friday 14.04.2023 in Bayreuth

Our goal is to increase the profitability of your production by using our software solutions.

Use staff more efficiently

Material Optimizing

Avoid mistakes

More than 25 years experience in Software developement for the production in the stone processing industry

Vein Matching

There has been a module in TOP for 20 years that displays the real material structures of a sawn order.

As the demand for this module increases, here we introduce the 3D extension, which is a module of SeCAD V10.

Slabmanagement & Inventory

With the SeKON Slabs & Inventory we present the little brother of our complete production control. This consists of a material, slabs, remants and warehouse management.

Standard Software

Standard Software

Base of our developments is on the one hand standard programs for CAD and CAM.

  • CAD-Programs for Drawing
  • Nesting-Programs for Bridge Saws or WJ-Machins
  • CAM-Programs for WJ-Machines or CNC-Workingcentres

Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Our main focus are complete production solutions for industrial applications. Our product spectrum ranges from simple drawing programs to the complex control of high-bay warehouses.