Goals / Benefits for the customer

Why SePPS? What is the necessity of production planning software in general? The majority of companies in the natural stone industry, use many individual programs mostly from different software companies for individual work steps. These always leads to communication and compatibility problems between these different software, which is the obvious result. Furthermore these workers have to work with completely different graphical user interfaces and seek different places for support in case of problems. These are the main reasons why over these 20 years, we worked hard and used all our experience to come up with a complete solution: The SeKON Software Solution called SePPS

The main advantage of our complete solution is that for each and every individual process one SeKON Software Solution can be offered. Additionally these individual products are linked and coordinated through one of our Software namely SePPS.

This results in the following advantages:


Make processes more transparent

Getting an overview of the entire process is very difficult or rather almost impossible with individual solutions. In most cases, only someone who has the printed documents on his desk, has an overview of the status of an order. Consequently the paperwork he has to do is immense and to keep check of all the orders is very taxing and time-consuming, which in turn can easily leas to human errors.

This is exactly where SePPS can helps to structure and monitor the complete production process in a clearly arranged and self-explanatory Interface. Each employee who has the appropriate rights(in form of a login) can use SePPS to easily track the status of each and every order.


Use staff more efficiently

Through a structured order planning with SePPS already in the run-up to production, allows production staff to be better placed, planned and supervised.

Each employee has an overview of how many orders are scheduled for the day and what are waiting for him to process.


Optimize Material Consumption

Every manufacturer knows the problem: The leftovers/remnants in the warehouse is increasing day by day. The search for suitable remnant is difficult and time-consuming. Additionally most of the time only after the remnant is loaded, the workers see that it can not be used. The reason might be that the remant has to many scratches or the color does not fit exactly.

SePPS's well-organized and digitized Remnant-management helps to easily find and use remants from the same slab block.


Minimize Errors

Errors during planning or execution lead to the fact that the corresponding workpieces must be produced again. If the material is textured or there is no raw slab left from the original block, then the entire job may need to be reproduced. This causes considerable costs and waste of time. In worse case this can lead to delayed delivery, which in turn increase the customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, one of the main goals in industrial manufacturing is to avoid as many errors as possible. With SePPS on your side, you would do a huge step in minimizing theses errors.