Control Machines

All further processing follows now at the edge finishing engines, the CNC-machining centre or WaterJet-machines.

The chronology of all processes and the nc-programs are already done.

The BDE-screens are individual programed to every engine type. You see only the workpieces who belongs to the process of this engine.

If you use a high storage system all workpieces will come automatically to the machine. Otherwise the user sees in the list on which station the part is now and will go.

The workpiece will now be scanned and given to the work area of the engine. From this moment until the workpiece is ready on this engine, the time will be recorded. The BDE-Screen shows now what to do with the workpiece in the next step.

  • Edge Finishing Machine shows exactly over a picture how the edge is oriented to part which is in process
  • CNC-Machines will load the program automatically and show the orientation point (neutral point 0,0)

After finishing the part becomes a „READY“ Message and the used time will be stored in SePPS.

The BDE-Screen shows now the next step (next engine) until all processes are done.